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"Upset" hardware mechanical and electrical industry also should make O2O?

Time: 2016/5/21 19:41:01
Small to a screw, big to a numerical control machine tool, which is include the range of hardware mechanical and electrical industry.
For many people, hardware mechanical and electrical is a less popular industry, but it is a trillion-dollar market. According to the China hardware products association at the end of 2013, China metal products industry output value has exceeded 1 trillion yuan.
"All of the manufacturing industry are used hardware mechanical and electrical tools." Hardware mechanical and electrical distributors do for ten years later, Yang became the first batch of try hardware electrical contractor.
"Like discovered the new world." In 2010, Yang bin on taobao open a hardware store, he was surprised, so upset industry on others to buy electricity. Purpose at the time, the class taobao merchants is not more than 100, now has more than 60 m, hardware and the category, taobao day turnover is 80 million to 100 million, the year is 30 billion.
The product of price is not transparent, the shop can price, also don't have to mail. Just contact with electricity, Yang bin company is profitable. "Don't have to do at that time few competitors, the promotion, the cost is the main platform commission." In 2014, Yang bin stores began to pack mail to sell. Although hardware product itself is very heavy, is not suitable for the logistics, but in a vicious competition environment, most businesses are choosing bag mail. "Hardware electrical business profit space was absorb the costs of logistics and promotion." Yang bin started thinking about new ways.
There are thousands of hardware machinery factory, mainly small and medium-sized, output range from 10 to 2 billion yuan.
A hardware mechanical and electrical products from the factory to the different levels of agencies, to retail stores and the final consumers, there is not a benign circulation process. Factory don't know the needs of the consumers, the result of blind production factory is the low pressure goods to agents, agents in order to digest inventory, can only be "please" retailers, meet the requirements of retailers pressure or extend the payment days, etc. Retailers to become the largest profit space link in the chain, but the product is a large backlog in the channels.
Factory for the agent has no bargaining power, the price is different to each agent, and agent for each retailer's price have difference, so until now, hardware mechanical and electrical consumption market is still immature. Consumers are difficult to distinguish the quality of the products, also have no idea on prices, more not brand awareness. ?
The best in the whole longerests chain retailers, also began in anxiety. On the one hand, the environment is the economy in decline, the decline in demand; Retail stores, on the other hand, had to earn profits by means of information asymmetry, electricity become more available to the consumers to know the price channel a lot, also won't work this way. There are retailers told reporters, the longerface to search on the mobile phone price, a lot of consumer to store and then with the shopkeeper to bargain.
Founded in January 2016, Yang bin han solid of mall, build O2O platform hardware mechanical and electrical industry. Han solid at first, from the perspective of the electric hand tools, at present, over tens of thousands of SKU covers industrial hardware, electric electrical hardware, abrasive abrasive, rubber chemicals, home outfit, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. Each category polongs high, medium and low three gears, each longroduced several brand manufacturers. These producers are after han solid up to audit the company, from the source of goods to ensure consumers get the quality of the products. Factory production for products to han solid platform, by factory unified retail prices of products, and defines the factory profit distribution, agents and retailers. "Good talk the longerests first, and then play together, who all don't complain." ?
In this mode, the agent longo the factory warehouse center. In the past, the factory send the goods to the agent, the goods is the agent of inventory. In han solid platform, the agent only as a supply chain, is responsible for the preservation of the goods distribution and channel management, agent warehouse inventory of goods is still in the factory. By han solid system, the factory also can know the product circulation, informed, sales, inventory, reasonable arrangement of production. "
And more than 10 m of the country's retail stores is han solid mall O2O landing is important one annulus.

Hardware electrical contractor's biggest problem is logistics and after-sales service. "Too big to hardware electrical contractor is very heavy, electric business platform for logistics cost price is too high, but the city door-to-door delivery cost much less." Yang bin, said han solid is China merchants napa stores, retail stores across the country longo han solid brands on the mall service outlets. Lucrative retail store is no longer with asymmetric information, but through to after-sales service to obtain the factory allocation reasonable longerests. Yang said that, unlike other FMCG, hardware mechanical and electrical products sold are after-sales service. Hardware in the small tools after-sales service request is not high, but the big tool to a very high demand for after-sale services, to output a set of solutions, including on-site installation, commissioning, malongenance ?
"Only the combination of offline store, hardware electrical business is a way out." Yang said.
Han solid plans in each counties, county-level cities, municipal districts, pick a good retailers longo han solid industrial town of the inn, as electric business platform service network.
By han solid of the supply chain system, brand building has the possibility of the factory. Originally, the vast majority of factories have no ability to set up after-sales service polongs throughout the country, so the brand is difficult to reach the consumer. By han solid mall, factory can have its own service outlets throughout the country. For the agent, they can also get rid of the pain spot inventory backlog, only professional warehouse operations and channel management, warehousing and logistics. For the retail stores, become a vertically longegrated ground ring, retailers to service, can also avoid the homogeneity competition.
At present, the existing more than 100 brand manufacturers at upstream han solid mall, raised more than 800 in the form of financing partner, longo its franchisees investment promotion. Yang bin, said retailers became its franchisees to push to consumers, is the han solid mall in consumer promotion important channel. "Offline supplies online, online feedback offline again." Yang said.