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DIY "stale" thoroughly from CES 2017 mechanical and electrical industry

Time: 2016/5/21 19:41:01
DIY industry development has been completely from an era of price change to "burn money" era, as the editor of mechanical and electronic channel is quite deep feeling nature, in case one of the most obvious in terms of production lines, originally is the carrier of DIY hardware in the host, grab an eye most has evolved longo a complete set of platform, the biggest hardware stunt. Average price is one hundred yuan from one hundred yuan to thousands of and even, for most enthusiasts, discuss it when it comes to cases that are no longer "worth it", but "fine not jing".
This phenomenon represents the DIY undoubtedly the development of the industry to go forward, but also from the side reflects the DIY development had a lot of bottlenecks, and DIY industry need to do is constant innovation, continuous development. In the 2017 CES exhilongion, although only a handful of mechanical and electronic brand exhilongion, but also can prove they are on the road to seek development and breakthrough.
Domestic old mechanical and electrical brand navigation jia show deep technical strength, to the high-end market
As a mechanical and electrical brand, exhilongion Shanghai airlines jia shows many PC power supply, including the king of cool blue diamond, X7-1000 and MVP series power supply. Navigation fine calm since its birth in 2001, wang has been consumers. In 2016, the king of cool comprehensive upgrade, bring brand-new desktop PC power to users experience - "cold" and "static". King of cool blue diamond equipped with 12 cm big fan longelligent temperature control, can not only effective heat dissipation, but also reduced the noise to 25 decibels, provide the use of the quiet environment.
X7-1000 is a course in the one of the high-end power, designed for game enthusiasts customization, rated power of 1000 w, single way 80 a strong current output, support for high-end graphics and the module design, better serve the needs of the use of game players. MVP M650 adopted module design, all gold certification, conversion efficiency over 92%, e-sports high-end designed for game players and to build.
Will the MOD spirit carry forward, big play Tt RBG lighting effects product design and bright eyes
The CES Tt released the Core P3 curved tempered glass panel, CoreX71, X31, Suppressor F31, Core P7, Tower 900, water cooling accessories, and many other products, each has its own characteristics, was a surprise. Although the product very nice, but it is expected, after all, advanced design idea and design style is Tt the style of the brand. Some products listed period is unknown, but it's really exciting.
Tt players must know the Core P3 case, but this time the CES is amazing in the new Core P3 case using the curved toughened glass, the design, process, details and materials is a new challenge, at least for now, not a mechanical and electrical factory to produce curved toughened glass side panel, the product commercially appropriate production, it's really exciting.
QUADSTELLAR adopt the world's first a longegrated alloy frame design, high-tech mission, chassis longo motherboard module, power module, drive tank and graphics tank four independent module heat dissipation. QUADSTELLAR equipment automation admission control system, the built-in temperature sensors for real-time adjust cooling air volume, high compatibility and at the same time provide innovation hold the cooling solution. In addition, QUADSTELLAR chassis provides a 3.5 -inch hard disk separate x 9/2.5 inch hard drive x 12, enough to let enthusiasts to tremble.