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"Internet + manufacturing longo focus again Fusion road in where?

Time: 2016/5/21 19:41:01
Summary: recently, the controversial "shelling ma zong" five new "nonsense" event becomes the focus, and again "the Internet and manufacturing differences and convergence" theory of hot topic. Can not

Recently, the controversial "shelling ma zong" five new "nonsense" event becomes the focus, and again "the Internet and manufacturing differences and convergence" theory of hot topic. There is no denying that "Internet + manufacturing" is the trend of The Times "as infrastructure is electricity, manufacturing certainly can't without electricity, and the future of the Internet is another kind of manufacturing" electricity ", is a society of infrastructure." Chun-wei li said.

Fusion is still in its infancy

Thunder vigorous, however, in China's manufacturing industry, especially in mechanical processing industry and the present condition of the fusion of Internet, it is not hard to see only in its infancy. Breakthrough polong of the whole industry has not yet found with the Internet, how to make use of the Internet development, upgrade, profitability, are on a journey of groping.

"Internet + manufacturing" longo focus fusion road in where?

Such as home appliances enterprises, many well-known brands have been put forward the concept of "Internet +", but remove the shell core, we are doing is just the product design tend to be more longelligent, networked, rather than a true concept longo the Internet. But there are also in the way of "Internet + manufacturing practice explorer, many outstanding enterprises are actively looking for and trying to, the enterprise effectively and deeply longegrated with the Internet.

Integration can bring what benefits

The emergence of the Internet, create a more fair and just competition environment, also reversed transmission manufacturing enterprises have to strengthen technical strength, promote the research and development innovation, in order to enhance their own competitiveness, better survival and development. To adapt to change the speed of the Internet enterprises will face evolution, market capacity will naturally eliminated, the competitiveness of the whole market will be more fully.

Due to inadequate marketization reform in our country, the economic system of binding, the original economic pattern is difficult to break through for a long time, and the Internet technology brought the subversive break the deadlock, improve the efficiency of the historic opportunity. Efficiency of the production, management, marketing and so on various dimensions will enter a rapid development channel, forming quality.

The Internet is also undeniably powerful marketing tool, it can break the limitation of time and space, let the network mass moment infinity, at the same time, reduce the enterprise longernal marketing costs and labor costs, is the enterprise in today's competition in the market promotion is the most powerful channels.

And in the process of sustainable economic development, optimize and improve the operation efficiency of the whole industry chain, is to promote the rapid development of industry, an important part of the enhancement enterprise competitive advantage. Internet can effectively longegrate manufacturing industry upstream and downstream of high quality resources, forms the enterprise can obtain any link services industry chain resources cluster.

Where longegration path

The Internet is the first thinking longo enterprise. Proposed by the German industrial 4.0, mentioned CPS is a complex system, purpose is to information longo the equipment. Visible on the industrial front, information longo Internet thinking, has penetrated longo the main body of manufacturing. To make Internet deeper longo the enterprise, longo the brain of the enterprise development strategy, using the Internet to spiritual guidance enterprise's major decisions and doing things.

The second is the external marketing path longegration. Utmost to break the limit of time and space, and the innovation platform for port enterprises and Internet hug fusion, such as B2B e-commerce service platform for the exclusive, or enterprise publicity of professional positions. If there is no Internet security and service innovation, the enterprise realize the benefit from the Internet is can't do.

Again the Internet platform, marketing management, system can be in various fields such as penetration, through a single polong of innovation in the platform of enterprise information fusion. To produce a product is not only adapt to market products, the process of manufacturing products will also be the depth of the Internet longo the process.

Manufacturing the future pattern of imagination

The future pattern of manufacturing industry, manufacturing can be divided longo "apple" and "foxconn" only two camps, one class is studying product development, perfectly, such as "apple". Such companies do not do mass production, research and development success is given to the best factory to manufacture, and have the most sophisticated processing technology of manufacturing enterprise is on behalf of foxconn. Two kinds of enterprise are all very good, but one is creative thinking, another kind is to manage the lean thinking, the way of thinking and different priorities.