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Compressor industry on how to build the dongfeng coal to electricity

Time: 2016/5/21 19:41:01
Thanks to the policy of "coal to electricity" and the steady development of the export market, environmental protection and energy saving air can heat pump has been unusually bright eye. Industry on-line data show that in the first three quarters of the total air can heat pump sales year-on-year growth of 18.5%, sales growth is as high as 29.7%, amount of breakthrough.

Since 2014 air can heat pump with its clean without polluting by government attaches great importance to, and become the beijing-tianjin-hebei region main products of "coal to electricity". From Beijing to tianjin, from tianjin to shanxi, hebei, shandong, the "coal to electricity" covers most of northern regions, the demand of heating of the air can at least 150000 units. Coal to electricity, so to speak, not only reduce the pollution of the environment, also let people move from wlonger with soot.
Often due to the air can heat pump heating under the environment of low temperature, the unit system, comprehensive energy efficiency, frost ability become the key to test the heating capacity, and bear the high demand is the most important parts in the compressor. After more than 10 years of development, compressor industry finally ushered in the era. Industry scale of the entire heating industry in 2016 are expected to online site 7 billion yuan, according to the compressor products of 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of product cost calculation, compressor industry in the domestic air can heat pump market share ownership to 2 billion yuan.
Under the new situation, the compressor industry should conform to the trend, adjust the attitude, positive response to the market. Adjust the direction of mainly displays in the following aspects:

1. The frequency conversion. Although frequency conversion compressor has not yet become a mainstream industry, frequency conversion compressor adaptable to the ambient temperature, low temperature performance is good, not only faster than fixed frequency compressor heating, and more energy efficient. At present it has frequency conversion compressor industry technical accumulation, but in the case of the overall environment is difficult to change, should actively assist the machine manufacturer to frequency conversion products to market faster.

2. Improve the low temperature heating performance. The weather was cold in the north, the temperature at minus, appear even the low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius. Low temperature environment, the low temperature heating performance of the compressor is put forward higher requirements. GMCC CO2 heat pump water heater is special compressor, used to more cold, heating is more strong, specially designed for extremely cold in the north region development. Its special design, high temperature heat pump water heater to 15 ℃ environment, the water temperature as high as 90 ° C, has the extremely low temperature heating performance.

3. CO2 and R290 refrigerant application. In today's environmental issues are attaches great importance to, CO2 and R290 refrigerant be instead of the 80% of the total industry R22 refrigerant better alternatives. And GMCC all relevant solutions, among them, the R290 compressor, heat pump hot water outlet temperature is 70 ℃, far higher than ordinary compressor of 55 ℃.

The personage inside course of study thinks, air can heat pump heating by favor longo mainstream heating just around the corner. Delight in compressor industry, in addition to strengthen the frequency conversion, improve low temperature heating performance and environmental protection refrigerant application research and development, the need in the after sales support, technical guidance, noise, the price more efforts, can not be the good times.